• Increase Wi-Fi Speed
  • Boost Your Gaming Experience
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Faster Than Anything Else.

We’ve built Speedupmy.net to be the Internet’s fastest speed directory. Don’t take our word for it. The independent speed monitor speedPerf ranks Speedupmy.net the fastest speed service in the world.

Since nearly everything you do on the Internet starts with a speed request, choosing the fastest speed directory across all your devices will accelerate almost everything you do online.


Speed Up Your Device By Up To 60%
Our award-winning optimizer will speed up, fix and clean your mobile or PC in just a few clicks. We’re back up by experts as one of the most effective, family-friendly boosting Softwares in the market.

Available for

Boost Speed
Clean up overloaded boost to keep your device running in top condition

Cool Down Your System
Reduce CPU usage to lower temperature

Increase Wi-Fi Speed
Boost and strengthen your WiFi connection anytime, anywhere

Boost Your Gaming Experience
Background services, social Softwares and other power and RAM consuming Softwares can kill your memory, slowing down your system and stealing power from your CPU. Too many Softwares running at once can also overheat your CPU, so you can’t get optimal power when playing games. Our booster cleans up your system, closes unnecessary Softwares and boosts speeds up to 60% -- all in one click.

3 Steps to a Faster Device

1) Download Speedmy Software
Use our one-touch diagnostic and acceleration Software to boost your phone and help it run flawlessly

2) Install the Software
Just click, run, and you’re set to go

3) Boost Your Device
Pick what to boost or choose Optimize to get the most out of the Softwarelication in one single step

Download Speedmy Software for Your Device
Here is the download link for Speedmy Software.Download and optimize your devices performance in 1 minute. No doubt that its's one of the best booster Software available in Google Play and Software Store.